Our mission is to make the difference in the future of our customers’ business, enabling them to feel confident and identify new opportunities in the digital world.

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Everlin piccinini

Hi. I am Everlin. I am the founder, designer and digital strategist of YFutur. My background is very colorful, it includes a Bachelor and a Master degree in International Business Management as well as a PhD in Business Informatics with focus on digital transformation of traditional industries. I built my working experience in academia as well as in different industries, continuously learning about digital marketing. Travelling and living abroad is definitely part of my story. I lived in four countries and speak Portuguese, English, German and Spanish.

I am Brazilian, I love my culture and its creativity. I am a proud mother of a young lovely boy who inspired me to change my future and build my own business. I do what I love, and it also gives me the chance to become part of other people’s inspiring business stories, by helping them succeed in the digital future.